Commercial Electrical Installations

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In the commercial, electrical contractor sector, reliability and compliance to relevant legislation and regulations are at the forefront of importance.

Here at Best Installations Ltd we pride ourselves at staying upto date which guarantees both our own company and our clients company in turn meets all necessary requirements.

Best Installations Ltd can advise on the design and commissioning of a wide range of electrical systems in the commercial sector.

Our expertise includes:

  • Fire alarm systems to the latest BS standards
  • Emergency lighting to the latest BS standards

  • Dado trunking and CAT5E / CAT6 data cabling networks

  • Office Lighting with the latest LED Units

  • Exterior flood & security lighting

  • Commercial shop display lighting

  • Commercial infra-red heating installations

  • Commercial electric heating systems

We also offer our commercial clients a free audit of their premise’s. At Best Installations Ltd we are pioneer’s in helping our clients reduce their Carbon Footprint, we do this by having a look into their lighting and heating system.

We can forecast how much you would save by switching to more energy efficient products and we can give you a non-obligatory quote on how much it would cost to upgrade, quite often we use suppliers for new products that are backed by the Carbon Trust.

By using these suppliers we are helping small to medium business’s tap into the Green Business Fund which is a pool of money intended to help business’s reduce their Carbon Footprint. What this means for you is up-to a maximum of £10,000 back just for upgrading your lighting system.

We can also arrange finance options so that you can have an upgrade with no upfront costs. As well as all this you will ultimately save up-to 80% on your lighting bill, which equates to a big annual saving on a medium sized commercial property.

For further information, to request a service or a free audit for your premises, get in touch!